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Capistrano plugin to facilitate the deployment of debian packages
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debloy is a capistrano plugin to facilitate the deployment of debian packages (inspired by supply_drop). It works by simply copying (using rsync, or scp) your debian packages to your servers and installing them through the package manager


gem install debloy

or with Bundler

gem 'debloy'


cap debloy:bootstrap

This sets up the environment for dpkg or apt deployment, depending on your configuration.

cap debloy

This deploys the debian packages on the target servers.

cap debloy:teardown

Cleans up the environment.


At the top of your deploy.rb

require 'rubygems'
require 'debloy'

then optionally set some variables

set :debian_source, '.'

the directory containing your debian packages that will be rsynced to the servers.

set :debian_target, '/tmp'

the temp directory on the target machine to hold the packages before installing.

set :debian_package_manager, 'dpkg'

the debian package manager to use (one of [dpkg, apt]).

set :debian_stream_log, false

determines whether to stream the command output.

set :debian_filter, '*'

a glob syntax filter to determine which packages to deploy. By default all will be deployed.

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