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Welcome to the deb_deploy wiki!


 sudo gem install deb_deploy`

Installing from source

 git clone git@github.com:jeroenr/deb_deploy.git
 rake gem:build
 sudo gem install deb_deploy-<version>.gem`

To go back to the non-dev version

 sudo gem install deb_deploy


  1. Include the deb_deploy configuration in your Capfile

      require 'deb_deploy'
      # deb deploy config
      set :debian_package_manager, 'apt'
  2. Bootstrap environment (first time only)

      cap deb:bootstrap
  3. Deploy your debian packages!

      cap deb:deploy
  4. If you get tired of deploying, teardown the environment

      cap deb:teardown


Only deploy packages matching a certain pattern:

 cap deb:deploy -s debian_filter=*awesome_package*,*cool_package*