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Community Software Installer for the Networked Media Tank.
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This project is no longer being developed

I do not own a NMT device anymore and as such, this project is not being developed anymore. No more updates will be released

Community Software Installer Lite

The Community Software Installer (CSI) enables you to install custom software on your Networked Media Tank device.

This repository contains the CSI application which runs on your NMT device and gives you access to all applications, themes, indexes, webservices and image sets which are available to install, or already installed.

The easiest way to get started is to install CSI Lite through the CSI Desktop application made by jhmiller and Ger Teunis. From there, select the csi-lite application from the applications tab and install.

After installation is complete you can access the CSI Lite interface from your browser, and natively from your NMT.

If you want to contribute anything to this project, feel free to fork the repository and open a pull-request. I'll be sure to check things out as soon as possible!

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