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11t is an iOS and Android app for connecting to Mastodon, written in FuseTools. In beta for both Android and iOS.

I connect to Mastodon on, but everyone can start her own server. 11t lets you use any Mastodon instance.


The app is in the Play Store and minor versions (as in are on F-Droid.


Not yet available.

Version 1.1 was rejected by Apple, they sent me a couple of suggestions I could add to get it accepted. Working on these at the moment.

How do I pronounce 11t?

Easy -- it's elephan-t.

Build it yourself

You need the brilliant FuseTools and the code in this repository.


Font: Noto.

Drawing of blue elephant: Tineke Meirink.


I'm And also on that dinosaur called Twitter.


Splashscreen screenshot

Timeline screenshot

Notifications screenshot

Favourites screenshot