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🎓Zoek in de de collectie van de OBA | project 1 @cmda-minor-web · 2018-2019
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Project 1 @cmda-minor-web · 2018-2019





My first concept was to create an app in which you enter a recently listened CD and get suggestions bases on that CD. Including a preview of the CD and some more info. But the muziekweb API prove to be too difficult to work with with only one week of available time.

My second concept is to create a search and find web app where a user enters the title of a book and sees on a map where it's available. For the locations where a book isn't available, it shows the return date(s). For this I wanted to use the OBA API's /availability endpoint. But the wrapper I'm using to work with the API client side didn't support that endpoint yet. I dug into why it wasn't working and found some things and created an issue.


Don't look at it. It's a mess. kthx.

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