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== APIClient

Homepage::  google-api-ruby-client[]
Authors::   Bob Aman (, Matt Pokrzywa (
Copyright:: Copyright 2010 Google Inc.
License::   Apache 2.0

== Description

The Google API Ruby Client makes it trivial to discover and access supported

== Example Usage

  # Initialize the client
  require 'google/api_client'
  require 'signet/oauth_1/client'
  client =
    :service => 'buzz',
    # Buzz has API-specific endpoints
    :authorization =>
      :temporary_credential_uri =>
      :authorization_uri =>
      :token_credential_uri =>
      :client_credential_key => 'anonymous',
      :client_credential_secret => 'anonymous'
    :additional_parameters => {
      'scope' => ''
  redirect_uri = client.authorization.authorization_uri(
    :additional_parameters => {
      'domain' => client.authorization.client_credential_key,
      'scope' => ''
  # Redirect user here
  client.authorization.fetch_token_credential!(:verifier => '12345')

  # Discover available methods
  method_names = client.discovered_service('buzz').to_h.keys

  # Make an API call
  response = client.execute(
    {'scope' => '@self', 'userId' => '@me', 'alt' => 'json'}
  status, headers, body = response

== Install

Be sure both and are in your gem

For normal client usage, this is sufficient:

sudo gem install google-api-client

The command line interface, the example applications, and the test suite
require additional dependencies. These may be obtained with:

sudo gem install google-api-client --development --force --no-rdoc --no-ri
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