a gem that is meant to speak cucumber in all languages (alpha-alpha)
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This plugin is far from finished and under heavy development. I have put it on github because I18n became a subject on the Cucumber mailing list and others might be willing to contribute or be inspired to write there own version.


This plugin is meant to increase productivity with Cucumber. When I was writing steps I kept on trying to find smart ways to make DRY steps. However, I kept myself repeating between applications and I also lost time by debugging my 'smart' steps. When I saw some posts of common steps (but only in English) I saw an opportunity. Furthermore, I missed the functionality of generators for languages other than English (especially Dutch). I actually preferred writing specs in English even though my customers native language is Dutch. This had to change!

This plugin exploits knowledge that is already in the application. For example it will use I18n functionality from Rails applications to resolve paths and model_names. In this way new languages can be added with minimal effort. For each language it provides generators and common steps. The goal is to provide one interface for all languages. This way everyone can profit from best practices and less code.

In the future, I can imagine, this common interface provides us with features that are automatically translatable because they map to the same interface. E.g. a multi-lingual app could have features in different languages without any hassle. I also foresee that this commons interface can be used to automatically generate user manuals and whatever else.

Planned Usage

script/generate cucumber_i18n –language nl users name:string description:text

If no –language option is given and you are using rails, by convention it will use your default locale.

To run the features you can use the cucumber commands you would normally use <link>

For language maintainers there are a few rake tasks that inform you if all steps succeed and if any steps are missing.

rake cucumber_i18n:test_steps

If you have a complete language setup, please inform me.


With the following commands you can see whether your language is already supported

interlingua –language nl

If it is not supported yet, you can send me a yaml file with the translation mapping. I would like to keep in touch for future updates so please leave me your contact details. The above command will also tell you if cucumber does not support your language. In this case you are recommended to first contact the cucumber team for a patch <link>.


Copyright © 2009 Jeroen van Dijk. See LICENSE for details.