A small codeigniter library for giving feedback to the user
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CodeIgniter-Message is a small codeigniter library for giving feedback to the user.


All configuration is optional. It gives you a handy way of setting default values for your message container, the html element you want to wrap your individual messages with, a default view to load your message in, or load a specific view based on a certain message group. If the configuration file is not present nor any views are present, the message library will just output the message without any markup. This might be preferable when passing messages to javascript plugins, like Growl.

what you would like to wrap your individual messages with

$config['message_prefix'] = '<p>';
$config['message_suffix'] = '</p>';

what you would like the container to be of your messages

$config['wrapper_prefix'] = '<div class="message">';
$config['wrapper_suffix'] = '</div>';

the folder to search for partial views with trailing slash

$config['message_folder'] = 'messages/';

the default view to format messages

$config['message_view'] = 'message_view';`

Basic Functions

Set a message

$this->message->set('notice','this is just a notice');

Set an array of messages

$data = array(
	 		'message'=>'this is just a message',
	  		'notice'=>'this is just a notice'


Return all messages

$messages = $this->message->get();

Return a group of messages

$messages = $this->message->get('notice');

Show all messages

echo $this->message->display();

Show a group of messages

echo $this->message->display('notice');

Automagic functions

If you have a message_folder defined in the config, any message key that matches a view will be autoloaded:

$this->message->set('notice','this is just a notice');

will autoload the file views/message_folder_name/notice_view.php The basic layout for any view looks like this:

foreach ($messages as $message):
	  echo $message;

This gives you freedom to style any message any way you want from within a view.


Drop the libraries/Message.php file into your application/libraries folder.


Only CodeIgniter


If you'd like to request changes, report bug fixes, or contact the developer of this library, email email.n0xie@gmail.com