React-native component which renders markdown into a webview!
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React-native component which renders markdown into a webview!


  • Renders Markdown into a react-native WebView component.
  • Automatically opens links in the system browser.
  • Customization with pure CSS.


npm install --save react-native-showdown

Use as React component

Really simple markdown example with ES6/JSX:

import Markdown from 'react-native-showdown';

class Example extends Component {
    render() {
        var markdown = '# Welcome to React Native!\n\nMore content...';
        return <Markdown body={ markdown } />

Available props / converter options

  • title String, optional, plain text which will be used for the title, normally not shown, so you can skip this.
  • body String, required, markdown body which will be shown as webview content.
  • pureCSS String, optional, pure CSS which will be used to style the webview content.
  • automaticallyAdjustContentInsets Bool, optional, see ScrollView#automaticallyAdjustContentInsets
  • style mixed, optional (default { flex: 1 }), see View#style
  • options Object, optional (default {simplifiedAutoLink: true, strikethrough: true, tables: true}), see Showdown#options

Run the example

git clone
cd react-native-showdown/examples
npm install

Run the react-native project like any react-native project.


Project is based on the markdown parser Showdown.


  • react-native-markdown which tries to render markdown as native components (instead of using a WebView).