Kicad footrpints and templates for wemos D1 mini board
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Kicad tools for Wemos D1 mini

Shields template

To create a new shield for the D1 mini.

  • dowload the template directory git clone ...
  • copy (or link) it to your user template directory
  • on linux : ~/kicad/template/
  • on windows : C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\template
  • on OSX : ???
  • rename it as you want eg: D1_mini_Shield

With kicad, create a new project from template.

The board looks like that :

D1 as component

You can also use the D1 mini as a module of a bigger kicad PCB project.

for eeschema

library/wemos_mini.lib can be used as a component in your design.

To add it to eeschema :

  • Preferences
  • Components libraries
  • add
  • navigate to the wemos_mini.lib file

for pcbnew

library/wemos_d1_mini.pretty contains a footprint of the D1 module for your PCB.

To add it to pcbnew :

  • Preferences
  • Footprint library manager
  • Project Specific Libraries
  • Append with Wizard
  • navigate to wemos_d1_mini.pretty