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= Version 1.2.1
* bugfix: already uploaded image gets deleted from cloudinary when updating model [#29]
= Version 1.2.0
* Drag and drop support (on supported browsers)
* Selecting multiple files (on supported browsers)
* Upload progress indicator (prepended on submit button)
* Rake task for fetching assets (`rake attachinary:fetch_fileupload`)
* Ability to assing image urls (e.g. `user.avatar_url = 'http://..'`)
* Ability to assign IO objects (e.g. `user.avatar =`)
* No-JS support
= Version 1.1.0
* BUG FIX: disabling submit key (thanks @drewmca)
* BUG FIX: models attachments are now removed from cloudinary
after model is destoyed [mongoid]
* ability to use form builder (`f.attachinary_file_field :avatar`)
* BUG FIX: proper field names and ids are generated [simple_form]
= Version 1.0.1
* bug fix release
= Version 1.0.0
* Support for Mongoid added. You need to specify which ORM you want
to use by explicitly requiring it.
* No backward compatibility.
* Changed database schema (from N-N to 1-N). Assoc preloading made easier.
= Version 0.0.8
* no explicit require of cloudinary assets
= Version 0.0.7
* BUG FIX: removing single attachment
= Version 0.0.6
* attachment lazy loading
* removed copies of cloudinary javascript files