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52 lines (28 sloc) 1.45 KB - 20-05-2008 Jérôme Lipowicz
Pragmatic branch (using dirty parameters, rails 2.1 only)
New records are not versioned: two versions are created at once upon first record update.
Unchanged records are not versioned too.
0.9.3 - 28-01-2008
Fixed #version_number to versioned instances as a shortcut
0.9.2 - 28-01-2008
Fixed :exclude => :column now equivalent to :exclude => [:column]
0.9.1 - 24-01-2008
Improved implementation of revert_to_version with further tests.
Provided clean aliases for methods in VersionProxy.
0.9 - 24-01-2008
Added an :exclude option (default: [])
0.8 - 08-01-2008
Added an :automatic option (default: true)
0.7 - 04-01-2008
The without_versioning method becomes with_versioning( exp )
0.6 - 01-01-2008
The default is now to keep all versions, specify :keep if you want to set a limit.
Dropped the updated_at column from revisions as unnecessary.
0.5 - 30-12-2007
The revert_to_version call now takes an :except => [:name,:and,:so,:on] list of attributes whose value will not be reverted. The defautl is [:created_at,:updated_at].
0.4 - 30-12-2007
Changed some method names to reduce possibility of conflicts. Added more tests. Changed some method implementations w.r.t. empty versions to try and tease out a bug in production.
0.3 - 30-12-2007
Added versioning_enabled? and without_versioning( &block ) to allow save without a version being generated.
0.2 - 30-12-2007
Added a test & some documentation, shaved a yak or two
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