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bookmarklet to download assets from any page
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AssetCollector bookmarklet is made to download assets from any webpage.


  • deploy static files on github project pages
  • do a Makefile to automatize the task
  • currently it requires a proxy to change the reply header Content-Disposition
    • is there a way to change that ? data: url ?
    • it would allow to get pure static website. better ttl for the project


  • 1 click on firefox
  • 2 clicks on chrome
    • make it smoother.
    • maybe with more API as it is an extension ?
    • maybe do a zip in a data: url


  • make a generator of bookmarklet
    • all in browser
    • with jQuerify or not
  • instead of having a proxy server and a download inclient, what about a download server ?
    • a running server will receive assets urls, download them in a specific folder
    • this option provide a lot more imformation to the downloader.
    • assume the server is running on the local box
    • it would remove all the automatice download in browser issue
  • put the proxy on google application engine and thus remove the server need ?
    • would be nice... but i dunno how to do it in gae :)
  • make a .deb for phantomJs ?
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