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  • make node/server in node/server_nodester

about node refactoring

  • split in 2 parts. -node and -gapp
  • clearly present that on the webpage
  • for demo apps, allow a 'backend=gapp' or 'backend=node'

how about folder hierarchie

  • /node and /gapp
  • about the exposed .js
    • /easyWebSocket-node.min.js
    • /easyWebSocket-gapp.min.js
    • /easyWebSocket.min.js
      • this one is the default (the node one if it is stable enougth)
  • generic static files are hosted on github at
    • static file are hosted on nodester/gapp IIF required


  • currently this is the hosting for the node version
    • make command to handle the hosting
    • not sure what is it
    • create/status/start/stop/delete apps ? other ?
    • all that packed in a makefile to capture knowledge
  • deployment ala github page


  • to make a demo on the home page which display the mouse of others
    • funnier than a chat
    • less css
    • got one by stagas
  • DONE implement clientAlive in the iframe
    • return the period in the open
  • DONE implement the task in AppEngine to obsolete people
    • how to test this ?
  • DONE handle the execption send sending a message* DONE make the chat example not ugly
    • most people will see only this, so it is important
  • DONE should i get a domain or not


  • make a chat widget ala facebook
  • make the mouse demo


  • DONE make the homepage as being from to something not ugly (like
  • DONE make this homepage available on github gh-pages
  • DONE to remove /tmp
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