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spawner doesnt have to be specific #36

jeromeetienne opened this Issue · 5 comments

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  • it could be a normal effect
  • may solve the issue of respawning a different kind of particle (super unclear)

Not sure how important this is. Just a remark

  • True. But no real harm here
  • only one i see: it may insist one the fact particle can be emitted by any effect. And not only one emittion
  • actually it is rather important
    • example : the exploding firework. One particle go up and after a while it is explode in many smaller ones.

Super easy change. Do it just for simplicity



  • interestingly, the code is much smaller
  • for steadyRate
    • 68 lines for object version
    • 35 lines for effect version
  • for oneShot
    • 44 lines for object vesion
    • 35 lines for effect version
@jeromeetienne jeromeetienne added a commit that referenced this issue
@jeromeetienne more work on #36 249d4b0


  • new code is done
  • old code still there and working. it is for compatbility
  • task: define a policy strategy
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