.noConflict() compliance: only reference $, not jQuery, inside the closure #26

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According to the jQuery coding standards (http://wiki.jqueryui.com/w/page/12137737/Coding-standards), you shouldn't reference 'jQuery' inside the closure, only '$':

.noConflict() compliance

Wrap plugins in a closure that passes jQuery in as a parameter. Inside the closure, only reference jQuery through the parameter variable.

(function( $ ) {
// inside here only reference $, not jQuery
}( jQuery ) );


Can you explain the reasoning behind ? Why using jQuery is an issue ?


Couple of examples for why you need noConflict() mode:

1) Not everyone can override $ with jQuery in their web applications. For example, people who have a legacy Prototype dependency, but want to use some jQuery features. So some people can only rely on jQuery('.item') instead of $('.item').

2) If you are writing a third-party library that uses jQuery, but the site that may be adding your library also might have their own jQuery implementation. So you need $ and MyLib.$ to coexist.

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my bad, i first read the patch on my phone. my bad :)

merged, thanks for contributing!


No problem, thanks for the plugin!

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