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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ In this post, we gonna see how to do exactly this: how to seamlessly mix normal
## Demo of a youtube browser mixed in WebGL
-{% img right /data/2013-04-30-closing-the-gap-between-html-and-webgl/navigation-bar-small.png %}
+{% img right /data/2013-04-30-closing-the-gap-between-html-and-webgl/screenshots/navigation-bar-small.png %}
First let's see the result in action. Here is a demo I did to show all the videos I have done for this blog.
[Try it out](!
@@ -138,12 +138,12 @@ existing and the new fragments to make an entirely new fragment.
It is a weird beast using several WebGL calls and many equations. The total number of possibilities is scary :)
A complete explanation of blending is way out of scope of this post. For more detail, see
["WebGL Beginner's Guide"](
[Brandon Jones](, a great book to start with raw WebGL.
To get a feel of blending, you can play with them in
[this example](
-{% img right /data/2013-04-30-closing-the-gap-between-html-and-webgl/object-behind-small.png %}
+{% img right /data/2013-04-30-closing-the-gap-between-html-and-webgl/screenshots/object-behind-small.png %}
The one which interest us is called ```THREE.NoBlending```.
When drawing the face, it will completely ignore the color below and set it to the color of the face.

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