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nmod is a node_modules manager.

node_modules is a 0.4 new feature. It provides a simple and regular way to install packages (read more). nmods is cloned from ryp but is implemented in node.js. Thanks to node_modules principle, nmod installs npm packages locally.

How to use it ?

To install express in ./node_modules

nmod install express

To list all packages installed in ./node_modules

nmod ls

To remove express

nmod rm express

All commands

nmod install <package> - Install a package, and nest its deps.
nmod ls                - Show installed packages.
nmod rm <package>      - Remove a package
nmod deps              - Install dependencies from package.json file

How to install it ?

nmod is a single node file, so easy to install

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/nmod --no-check-certificate
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/nmod