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  • nmod install notexistingpkg do a crash...


  • allow a search
  • complete npm install url
    • support tar+zip
    • support any url but be better when you can (e.g. github url)
  • support git too ? well maybe but later. currently tar/zip will do
    • can i do a specific github
    • like using github api instead of npmjs one
    • to fix the version flexibility of fixed tar
    • something like "tags" == all available versions
  • better report for nmod list ?
    • currently this is like a ls -R
    • something like express (qs, connect(qs)) jerome@jmebox:/tmp/slota$ nmod list ./node_modules/express ./node_modules/express/node_modules/connect ./node_modules/express/node_modules/connect/node_modules/qs ./node_modules/express/node_modules/qs jerome@jmebox:/tmp/slota$ express (sq, connect(qs))


  • DONE better feedback to the user
    • download progress
    • error message
  • DONE possible to put url in dependancies. but only .tgz, but github is tar ok
    • maybe find a shortcut like this
    • github to get the tgz... not perfect at all... but workable now
    • in fact nmod should support a tgz as source of package
    • this is like the usual install without the version resolution
    • nmod install express
    • nmod install express '>= 0.0.3'
    • nmod install
    • nmod install
  • DONE issue in the async of install
    • i install all deps at the same time
    • may be faster but disturb the user (and who care about speed in install)
    • unsure i did some work. not sure on the status but seems to work
  • DONE do the native package compilation
    • rm -rf ./build && node-waf configure && node-waf build
  • DONE put the semver in nmod file
  • DONE name: im not sure about the S in nmods
    • i prefere to type nmod when i use it


  • provide simple way to install packages
    • standalone
    • only install package at userlevel
      • no plist, upstart, /usr/bin and all
  • install from npm and git
    • first version npm only
    • git version later
      • only based on package.json and git repo
      • thus to publish and all is out of nmod scope

NOTES (wondering if not too complex)

  • i loved node_modulew design
    • regular, simple yet powerfull
  • package.json dependencies
    • one from node modules
    • one from nmods
  • how to offer a pure git solution?
    • something ignored by npm and accepted by nmods
    • somthing which give a way to ref module by their git url
  • need simple instruction for packager to support it


  • FIXED still some bugs in install with deps
    • nmods install express <- how to reproduce it
    • i think this is due to the bugs in the async
      • like i remove before updating
  • DONE make it reccursive
    • port it
  • DONE find a good name
    • nmods - node_modules from npm or git
      • this one seems cool
      • moto is clear and short
      • it is short and node.js users like this
      • git source makes it different from npm/ryp
      • DECIDED
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