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- remove incommonjsbrowser repo
- DONE try to move the submodules in /vendor
- DONE fix brequire new version
- time to learn git a bit more
- DONE try to remove the underscore dependancy for casti_ctrl_t
- download page
- your computer is webpeered (green)
- your computer is not webpeered (red)
- DONE url of library
- DONE web_build: honor DESTDIR in destination file
- default to .
- thus in site, use this to generate import the last version
- DONE contrib/stress_test
- /casti & /oload
- DONE remove contrib web
- contrib/
- casti test/oload test
- make it installable
- how to handle test and docs
- for exes, docs == man
- for class, docs == jsdoc
- what about a class == exe, contain manpage in pod + test + cmdline
- this fit well the unicity issue
- make a source rather dirty tho
- big issue in naming
- how to name executable
- neoip-detect to detect applications
- neoip-url to build url... how to distinguish from oload and casto ?
- if --stream is contained process.argv[] remove it and launch casto
- if --static, launch oload
- if none, launch oload
- how to name files and class
- usually i use _t at the end of class. This make a clear diff between the naming
of the object and the naming of the class
- some use upper/lower char instead
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