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three.js game extensions for fast grass.
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threex.grass is a three.js extension which provides fast grass tufts. It has tweaked normals for better lighting, and a merged geometry to better performance. It is loosely based on "Rendering Countless Blades of Waving Grass" GPUGem.

Show Don't Tell

How To Install It

You can install it via script tag

<script src='threex.grass.js'></script>

Or you can install with bower, as you wish.

bower install threex.grass

How To Use It

To create a full grass, first you determine the positions of each grass tufts you want and put that in a array. Like this.

var positions	= []
positions.push(new THREE.Vector3(-1,0,0))
positions.push(new THREE.Vector3(+1,0,0))

So you got one tuft on the left at (-1,0,0) and another on the right at (+1,0,0). Now let's create a mesh with a tufts at each of those positions.

var mesh	= new THREEx.createGrassTufts(positions)

You are done!

References and Credits


  • make a demo with minecraft walking in it, with daynight cycle and later swarm
  • make a version which use THREE.ParticlesSystem. it is fast and may work well when the grass is far.
    • CON: use gl-pointsize so very limited size on screen
    • CON: particle arent lite. one could set a color per particle to simulate ligthing. if middle of the day, use white. if the night, use grey. something like that
    • PRO: likely faster
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