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It is a three.js extension to display planets based on the data from planetpixelemporium. It is a cool site, go check it out. It provides all the planets from the solar system. As a cherry on the cake, it has a 'atmosphere material'. It is released under MIT license. Here is some demos to show off

How To install it

You can install it manually or with bower. for the manual version, first include threex.planets.js with the usual

<script src='threex.planets.js'></script>

or with bower you type the following to install the package.

bower install -s threex.planets=

then you add that in your html

<script src="bower_components/threex.planets/threex.planets.js"></script>


to create uranus with its ring

var mesh	= THREEx.Planets.createUranus()
var mesh	= THREEx.Planets.createUranusRing()

to create the earth plus the clouds moving around

var mesh	= THREEx.Planets.createEarth()
var mesh	= THREEx.Planets.createEarthCloud()
updateFcts.push(function(delta, now){
	mesh.rotation.y += 1/8 * delta;		


Here is the list of all the functions. They all return a THREE.Object3d. You can tune it to fit your need

  • THREEx.Planets.createSun() return the mesh of the Sun
  • THREEx.Planets.createMercury() return the mesh of Mercury
  • THREEx.Planets.createVenus() return the mesh of Venus
  • THREEx.Planets.createMoon() return the mesh of the Moon
  • THREEx.Planets.createEarth() return the mesh of the Earth
  • THREEx.Planets.createEarthCloud() return the mesh of the Earth Cloud
  • THREEx.Planets.createMars() return the mesh of Mars
  • THREEx.Planets.createJupiter() return the mesh of Jupiter
  • THREEx.Planets.createSaturn() return the mesh of Saturn
  • THREEx.Planets.createSaturnRing() return the mesh of Saturn's ring
  • THREEx.Planets.createUranus() return the mesh of Uranus
  • THREEx.Planets.createUranusRing() return the mesh of Uranus's ring
  • THREEx.Planets.createNeptune() return the mesh of Neptune
  • THREEx.Planets.createPluto() return the mesh of Pluto
  • THREEx.Planets.createStarfield() return the mesh of a starfield environmental sphere