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bin = ./node_modules/.bin
test: test-globals-amd test-commonjs
$(bin)/mocha-phantomjs ./spec/runner.html
test-commonjs: install ./spec/localStorage_commonjs_spec.bundled.js
$(bin)/mocha-phantomjs ./spec/runner_commonjs.html
link install:
@npm $@
rm -rf node_modules ./spec/localStorage_commonjs_spec.bundled.js
./spec/localStorage_commonjs_spec.bundled.js: ./spec/localStorage_commonjs_spec.js
$(bin)/browserify -e $< -o $@
$(bin)/uglifyjs -o backbone.localStorage-min.js backbone.localStorage.js
# Get version number from package.json, need this for tagging.
version = $(shell node -e "console.log(JSON.parse(require('fs').readFileSync('package.json')).version)")
# npm publish, public-docs and tag
publish :
git push
git tag v$(version)
git push --tags origin master
npm publish
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