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This looks great, but I organize my documentation across multiple pages. I don't want to stick everything in a single file. Anyway that you can support that in the future?


Yes most likely. I'm already developing new features and enhancements.


Multi page support will be awesome. Thanks for great work .


It would be awesome if multi-page support included GitHub wiki pages as well.


+1 for this. Any ETA? If it helps I would be willing to throw in a donation for this.


Here's my thought on this: You could "mount" pages.

Definitely would be in the documentup.json config, maybe like so:

  "mount": [
    "/api": "/docs/",
    "/man-pages": "/docs/"


The only reason this isn't "automatic" (eg: visiting /something would look for or /something/ is because it would be harder to know when to recompile. I'd have to poll Github for changes every x times. With the config I just know exactly when to recompile the pages. (if you have a post-receive hook installed, which you should!)

fd commented Feb 6, 2012



+1 looks awesome


The "mount" option looks good! I take it the "value" side (/docs/ would correspond to the path within the Github repo?

Might also need a way to mount the sidebar to a specific file or something too?


Yes, need to think about this.

Also have to keep almost the same UX for repos that don't have multiple pages of docs.


Would love to see this for our docs at


If anybody is still watching this: technically you can now point to subpages and it will render them. Not sure how well though, still a work in progress.


Is there an example of adding sub-page links to the navigation menu?

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