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This is a feature that I would love to have on Respect Project. We're moving our docs do DocumentUp and we noticed that large README files are often hard to search manually.

It would be awesome to have a search box with auto-complete for every section on the README. A full index with all of the words in the document would be even better, though harder to code. Maybe projects like this could help.

Me and @augustohp are willing to contribute with code if necessary, though we could need some guidance to build the environment and run it (I have no idea on how to do that).

Even if this feature doesn't get implemented, I would like to buy you a beer for the awesome job you've made so far. Please send me your PayPal account =)



Interesting thought. For now, Command+F (or Control+F on Windows) works well enough. I'm hoping to keep this project as simple as possible. Right now, there's no JavaScript at all on the compiled pages, it's a static HTML/CSS file.

I haven't been needing this feature myself, but if contribute code, I'd be willing to merge it if it's lightweight enough. (by "lightweight", I mean: not using a framework (or a very small one) and making it an optional configuration option)

Getting setup for development is pretty straight forward:

  1. Install node
  2. Clone the repo
  3. npm install
  4. Make awesome changes
  5. npm start
  6. Pull request

I guess I should add that to the documentation :)

Donations are indeed welcomed! My PayPal email is the same as my Github profile's email:

It's awesome that you're moving your projects' documentation over to DocumentUp!

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