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overshard commented May 10, 2012

Using the method suggested for gh-pages you really lose/don't get any SEO benefit. Search engines basically see it as a blank page. I'm instead generating the page and copying over the HTML, maybe this should be the suggested method?


overshard commented May 11, 2012

I know on Pinry when I switched over to the documentup.min.js file on gh-pages it basically got dropped from Google search results entirely. When I copied and pasted over the DocumentUp code it showed back up... Maybe you are using doesn't work because for one you are using a separate JS file, not inline, and it's pulling a page and then writing. From what this is saying I don't think it will take into account you pulling a documentup page then writing it.


jeromegn commented Jun 17, 2015

The gh-pages thing is all JS and search engines don't really index that quite well yet (3 years later). Ideally I'll add a feature like allowing CNAMEs (like Github) and that should work better.

However, I think Google is now indexing JS-generated pages properly.

@jeromegn jeromegn closed this Jun 17, 2015

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