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The site title attribute had some logic that would change the site title if a project modal was open, but it caused the title to permanently be set to the title of the last entry in the _posts directory. I removed the if/else logic to keep the site title to be what is specified in _config.yml in the "title" field.

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Freelancer Jekyll theme Build Status

Jekyll theme based on Freelancer bootstrap theme

How to use

  • Place a image in /img/portfolio/
  • Replace in _config.yml with your email address. Refer to formspree for more information.
  • Create posts to display your projects. Use the follow as an example:
layout: default
modal-id: 1
date: 2020-01-18
img: cabin.png
alt: image-alt
project-date: January 2020
client: The Client
category: Web Development
description: The description of the project



View this jekyll theme in action here



For more details, read the documentation