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Utilities and Helper Classes I use with Away3D
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Scripts for Away3D 4.0

A collection of scripts I use to help my workflow in Away3D. Most of these classes can be seen in action here Elbphilarmonie 3D Tour

VR Base

Extend VrBase to inherit all the needed function and elements to get started with Away3D. Based on Sprite, just add to the display list to get started.

useful overrides: onInit(); onPreRender() onPostRender() onStageResize()

start() and stop() functions to control rendering.

addChild3D() and removeChild3D() to quickly add and remove ObjectContainer3D.

Requires AS3 Signals


Ripped from Away3D 3.6 and updated to use Signals for event mapping. Pass it a reference to the stage and call camera.hover() in your render loop. Done.

Requires AS3 Signals

Scripts for Flint


Extend SphereZone but will only arrange the particles in +y, or -y if inverted, to create a nice dome (perfect for stars!)

Requires Flint Particles

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