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A simple chrome extension that allows the highlighting of text on webpages with a simple right-click (or keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shfit+H). Saves all highlights so they can be re-highlighted when a webpage is reopened!

Available for download on the Chrome web store.

Development Set Up

You will need Node.js and the gh cli installed (and authenticated). Then, run the following:

npm install

Finally, you will need to enter your own Google Analytics account IDs. One for production and one for testing:

cp config/secrets.sample.js config/secrets.js # Then replace "GA_TRACKING_ID" with your test account ID
cp config/secrets.sample.js config/secrets.production.js # Then replace the "GA_TRACKING_ID" with your production account ID

Other commands:

  • Linting (ESLint): npm run lint
  • Releasing a new version:
# Bump the version in the manifest and package.json files, create a new commit, tag it, push to Github
# and create a draft release on Github using the `gh` CLI tool
npm run release

# Create the zipped package to upload to the Chrome web store
npm run build