LeveyPopListView is a alternative of UIActionSheet : )
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Differences from the original version

Levey did an amazing work, but I needed the ability to show this controller in a modal behavior, so now there's an option isModal that is set to YES by default. Clicking anywhere outside the tableview does nothing, only selecting a row will do.

What's it?

When your app have so many options to choose, LeveyPopListView is an alternative of UIActionSheet, hope it can help someone :)

How to

Create and show the View

LeveyPopListView *lplv = [[LeveyPopListView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Share Photo to..." options:_options];
lplv.delegate = self;
[lplv showInView:self.window animated:YES];
[lplv release];

Get the delegate methods

#pragma mark - LeveyPopListView delegates
- (void)leveyPopListView:(LeveyPopListView *)popListView didSelectedIndex:(NSInteger)anIndex;
- (void)leveyPopListViewDidCancel;

Screenshot ⤵