Example of using Sweave to examine the psychometric properties of a multiple choice test
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Sweave Item Analysis

This document provides an example of using Sweave to record console input and output. Such a format is useful for several purposes including R tutorials, informal analyses, and analyses that will be consumed by readers knowledgeable about a specific project and about R. The example involves performing an item analysis of student responses
to a set of multiple choice test items. The test items were developed by students as part of an informal class exercise. They are by design of widely varying quality and difficulty.

Further discussion of the source code is available at http://jeromyanglim.blogspot.com/2010/11/sweave-tutorial-3-console-input-and.html


The code was tested with:

  • R 2.11.1
  • R Tools 2.11 (i.e., one way of getting make)
  • It requires R packages: CTT and psych

To Run

  • Download repository
  • Run make in the project home directory. This will run Sweave on the Rnw file.

The resulting file

A copy of the resulting PDF is available in the .backup folder.