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Harvard Engineering BBQ Smart Smoker Project
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Harvard Engineering BBQ Smart Smoker


Partnering with Williams-Sonoma, our class of 16 engineering students was tasked with creating the ultimate barbecue smoker in 10 weeks. We identified problems with the leading smoker (Big Green Egg) and engineered solutions to those problems including a hyperboloid shape, a PID temperature control system, and an iOS app for remote monitoring of the cook process. These innovations create a uniform heat distribution on the cooking surface, increased smoke density for optimal flavor, and consistent temperature control without overshooting the ideal 225°F cooking temperature.



We filed and received a patent for our invention at the end of the class. Patent WO 2016171775 A1


My primary contributions to the project include developing the iOS app, researching and running experiments for the PID control system, and creating slides for our team presentations.

Download Client Presentation

##Team Jerry Chang, John Chipoco, Jordan DeGraaf, Rebekka DePew, Joe Festa, William Jameson, Paul Kaczor, Ted Ko, Michel Maalouly, Will Moyo, Hope Ndhlovu, Austen Novis, Salathiel Ntakirutimana, Yinka Ogunbiyi, Sujay Tyle, Jack Zhou, Professor Kevin Kit Parker, Alexander Peyton Nesmith

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