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GTK FORTRAN -- High level interfaces
The high level interface for Gtk-Fortran is in the source file
gtk-hl.f90. This provides a number of higher level interfaces to the
GTK+ widget system, with the intent of making GUI construction more
accessible to scientific programmers (the feel should not be too alien
to anyone who has developed GUIs in IDL).
The routines make use of the optional arguments in Fortran90+ to
simplify creating and initializing widgets.
The following modules are implemented:
gtk_hl: A wrapper that includes all of the other modules.
gtk_hl_button: Implements interfaces to various kinds of button.
gtk_hl_chooser: Implements file choosers that do not need variadic
gtk_hl_combobox: Implements interfaces to text comboboxes.
gtk_hl_container: Implements interfaces to: Window, box, table
(implemented as grid in Gtk+ 3.x), notebook and scrolled window.
gtk_hl_dialog: Implements a message dialog widget that does not require
variadic calls.
gtk_draw_hl: Implements interfaces to drawing areas and their
relationship to cairo. (N.B. The reversed naming convention is a
historical accident).
gtk_hl_entry: Implements interfaces to entry and textview widgets.
gtk_hl_menu: Implements interfaces to pull-down menus.
gtk_hl_progress: Implements progress bars, including m of n settings
and automated text addition.
gtk_hl_spin_slider: Implements spin boxes and sliders (including
convenient integer interfaces).
gtk_hl_tree: Implements interfaces to the list & tree widgets.
Several demos are provided in the examples directory: they have the
prefix hl_.
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