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! Copyright (C) 2011
! Free Software Foundation, Inc.
! This file is part of the gtk-fortran GTK+ Fortran Interface library.
! This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
! it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
! the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
! any later version.
! This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
! but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
! GNU General Public License for more details.
! Under Section 7 of GPL version 3, you are granted additional
! permissions described in the GCC Runtime Library Exception, version
! 3.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
! You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
! this program; see the files COPYING3 and COPYING.RUNTIME respectively.
! If not, see <>.
! Contributed by James Tappin
! Last modification: 07-09-2012
!!$T Template file for gtk-hl-container.f90.
!!$T Make edits to this file, and keep them identical between the
!!$T GTK2 & GTK3 branches.
!!$T Lines to appear only in specific versions should be prefixed by
!!$T !!$<lib><op><ver>!
!!$T Where <lib> is GTK or GLIB, <op> is one of < > <= >=
!!$T and <ver> is the version boundary, e.g. !!$GTK<=2.24! to include
!!$T the line in GTK+ version 2.24 and higher.
!!$T The script should be used to generate the source file.
module gtk_hl_container
! Containers
! The high-level interface provides convenience interfaces for:
! * Window, the gtk top-level window.
! * Box, Horizontal and vertical boxes to pack widgets. This was added
! because the gtk_box_pack_start_defaults procedure is removed from GTK3.x
! * Table, a grid layout of widgets
! Note that the weird convention where rows comes before columns in sizing
! tables, but X before Y in adding widgets follows the convention of
! GTK proper.
! * Notebook, a tabbed container to pack widgets
! * ScrolledWindow, a scrolled window into which to place another widget.
use gtk_sup
use iso_c_binding
! autogenerated use's
use gtk, only: gtk_accel_group_new, gtk_box_pack_start, &
& gtk_container_set_border_width, gtk_label_new, &
& gtk_notebook_append_page, gtk_notebook_insert_page,&
& gtk_notebook_new, gtk_notebook_popup_disable,&
& gtk_notebook_popup_enable, gtk_notebook_prepend_page,&
& gtk_notebook_set_scrollable,&
& gtk_notebook_set_show_tabs, gtk_notebook_set_tab_detachable,&
& gtk_notebook_set_tab_pos, gtk_notebook_set_tab_reorderable,&
!!$GTK< 3.0! & gtk_table_attach, gtk_table_get_size, gtk_table_new,&
!!$GTK< 3.0! & gtk_table_resize, gtk_table_set_col_spacing,&
!!$GTK< 3.0! & gtk_table_set_col_spacings, gtk_table_set_row_spacing,&
!!$GTK< 3.0! & gtk_table_set_row_spacings, &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_grid_new, gtk_grid_set_row_homogeneous, &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_grid_set_column_homogeneous, gtk_grid_set_row_spacing, &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_grid_set_column_spacing, gtk_grid_attach, &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_widget_set_margin_left, gtk_widget_set_margin_right, &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_widget_set_margin_top, gtk_widget_set_margin_bottom, &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_widget_set_hexpand, gtk_widget_set_vexpand, &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_widget_set_halign, gtk_widget_set_valign, &
!!$GTK< 3.0! & gtk_hbox_new, gtk_vbox_new,&
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_box_new, gtk_box_set_homogeneous, &
& gtk_widget_set_sensitive, gtk_window_add_accel_group,&
& gtk_window_new, gtk_window_set_decorated,&
& gtk_window_set_default, gtk_window_set_default_size,&
& gtk_window_set_deletable, gtk_window_set_keep_above,&
& gtk_window_set_keep_below, gtk_window_set_resizable,&
& gtk_window_set_title, gtk_window_set_transient_for, &
& gtk_window_set_icon_name, gtk_window_set_icon_from_file, &
& gtk_window_set_icon, &
!!$GTK< 3.0! & gtk_notebook_set_group, &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & gtk_notebook_set_group_name, &
& gtk_scrolled_window_new, gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy, &
& gtk_widget_set_size_request, gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport, &
& gtk_container_add, &
& TRUE, FALSE, g_signal_connect, &
implicit none
function hl_gtk_window_new(title, destroy, delete_event, data_destroy, &
& data_delete_event, border, wsize, sensitive, resizable, decorated, &
& deletable, above, below, parent, accel_group, icon, icon_file,&
& icon_name) result(win)
type(c_ptr) :: win
character(kind=c_char), dimension(*), intent(in), optional :: title
type(c_funptr), optional :: destroy, delete_event
type(c_ptr), optional :: data_destroy, data_delete_event
integer, optional, intent(in) :: border
integer, optional, intent(in), dimension(2) :: wsize
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: sensitive, resizable, decorated
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: deletable, above, below
type(c_ptr), intent(in), optional :: parent
type(c_ptr), intent(out), optional :: accel_group
type(c_ptr), intent(in), optional :: icon
character(kind=c_char), dimension(*), intent(in), optional :: icon_name, &
& icon_file
! Higher-level interface to make a gtk_window
! TITLE: String: optional: Title for the window
! DESTROY: c_funptr: optional: Callback for the "destroy" signal
! DELETE_EVENT: c_funptr: optional: Callback for the "delete-event" signal
! DATA_DESTROY: c_ptr: optional: Data to be passed to the destroy
! signal handler
! DATA_DELETE_EVENT: c_ptr: optional: Data to be passed to the
! delete_event signal handler
! BORDER: integer: optional: Size of the window border
! WSIZE: integer(2): optional: Size of the window
! SENSITIVE: boolean: optional: Whether the widget should initially
! be sensitive or not.
! RESIZABLE: boolean: optional: Is the window resizable.
! DECORATED: boolean: optional: Set FALSE to disable window decorations.
! DELETABLE: boolean: optional: Set to FALSE to remove the "delete" button.
! ABOVE: boolean: optional: Set to TRUE to make the window stay on top of
! others.
! BELOW: boolean: optional: Set to TRUE to make the window stay below
! others.
! PARENT: c_ptr: optional: An optional parent window for the new window.
! ACCEL_GROUP: c_ptr: optional: An accelerator group, used to add
! accelerators to widgets within the window.
! ICON: c_ptr: optional : A GdkPixbuf containing the icon for the window.
! ICON_FILE: String : optional : A file from which to read the icon for
! the window.
! ICON_NAME: String : optional : The name of a standard icon to use for
! the window.
! Only one way of setting the icon should be given, if more than one
! is specified the priority is ICON, ICON_FILE, ICON_NAME.
integer(kind=c_int) :: icon_ok
win = gtk_window_new (GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
call gtk_window_set_title(win, title)
if (present(border)) call gtk_container_set_border_width(win, border)
if (present(wsize)) &
& call gtk_window_set_default_size(win, wsize(1), wsize(2))
if (present(delete_event)) then
if (present(data_delete_event)) then
call g_signal_connect(win, "delete-event"//C_NULL_CHAR, delete_event, &
& data_delete_event)
call g_signal_connect(win, "delete-event"//C_NULL_CHAR, delete_event)
end if
end if
if (present(destroy)) then
if (present(data_destroy)) then
call g_signal_connect(win, "destroy"//C_NULL_CHAR, destroy, &
& data_destroy)
call g_signal_connect(win, "destroy"//C_NULL_CHAR, destroy)
end if
end if
if (present(sensitive)) &
& call gtk_widget_set_sensitive(win, sensitive)
if (present(resizable)) &
& call gtk_window_set_resizable(win, resizable)
if (present(decorated)) &
& call gtk_window_set_decorated(win, decorated)
if (present(deletable)) &
& call gtk_window_set_deletable(win, deletable)
if (present(above)) &
& call gtk_window_set_keep_above(win, above)
if (present(below)) &
& call gtk_window_set_keep_below(win, below)
if (present(parent)) call gtk_window_set_transient_for(win, parent)
if (present(icon)) then
call gtk_window_set_icon(win, icon)
else if (present(icon_file)) then
icon_ok = gtk_window_set_icon_from_file (win, icon_file, c_null_ptr)
else if (present(icon_name)) then
call gtk_window_set_icon_name(win, icon_name)
end if
if (present(accel_group)) then
accel_group = gtk_accel_group_new()
call gtk_window_add_accel_group(win, accel_group)
end if
end function hl_gtk_window_new
function hl_gtk_box_new(horizontal, homogeneous, spacing) result(box)
type(c_ptr) :: box
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: horizontal, homogeneous
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: spacing
! Generic packing box
! HORIZONTAL: boolean: optional: Set to TRUE to make a row box. FALSE or
! absent implies a column box.
! HOMOGENEOUS: boolean: optional: If set to TRUE then all children are
! the same size, FALSE or absent allows each widget to take its
! natural size.
! SPACING: c_int: optional: Set the space between children.
integer(kind=c_int) :: grid, space
if (present(homogeneous)) then
grid = homogeneous
end if
if (present(spacing)) then
space = spacing
end if
if (present(horizontal)) then
if (horizontal == TRUE) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! box = gtk_hbox_new(grid, space)
!!$GTK>=3.0! box = gtk_box_new(GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL, space)
!!$GTK< 3.0! box = gtk_vbox_new(grid, space)
!!$GTK>=3.0! box = gtk_box_new(GTK_ORIENTATION_VERTICAL, space)
end if
!!$GTK< 3.0! box = gtk_vbox_new(grid, space)
!!$GTK>=3.0! box = gtk_box_new(GTK_ORIENTATION_VERTICAL, space)
end if
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_box_set_homogeneous(box, grid)
end function hl_gtk_box_new
subroutine hl_gtk_box_pack(box, child, expand, fill, padding, atend)
type(c_ptr), intent(in) :: box, child
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: expand, fill
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: padding
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: atend
! Put a widget into a box
! BOX: c_ptr: required: The box into which to put the child
! CHILD: c_ptr: required: The child to pack
! EXPAND: boolean: optional: If TRUE then expand this child when
! filling the box, if FALSE don't, (Default TRUE)
! FILL: boolean: optional: If TRUE, then expand the widget when
! expanding, if FALSE, then put space round it. (Default TRUE,
! ignored if EXPAND==FALSE.
! PADDING: c_int: optional: Extra space to put around the child in the
! fill direction.
! ATEND: boolean: optional: If present and TRUE, then put the child at
! the end of the box rather than the start.
integer(kind=c_int) :: iexp, ifill, ipad, iend
if (present(expand)) then
iexp = expand
iexp = TRUE
end if
if (present(fill)) then
ifill = fill
ifill = TRUE
end if
if (present(padding)) then
ipad = padding
ipad = 0
end if
if (present(atend)) then
iend = atend
iend = FALSE
end if
call gtk_box_pack_start(box, child, iexp, ifill, ipad)
end subroutine hl_gtk_box_pack
function hl_gtk_table_new(nrows, ncols, homogeneous, row_spacing, &
& col_spacing, row_homogeneous, col_homogeneous) result(table)
type(c_ptr) :: table
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: nrows, ncols
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: homogeneous
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: row_spacing, col_spacing
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: row_homogeneous,&
& col_homogeneous
! Utility interface to create a table container
! NROWS: c_int: optional: The initial number of rows.
! NCOLS: c_int: optional: The initial number of columns.
! HOMOGENEOUS: boolean: optional: Whether the cells all have the
! same size.
! ROW_HOMOGENEOUS: boolean: optional: Whether the rows all have the
! same size.
! COL_HOMOGENEOUS: boolean: optional: Whether the columns all have the
! same size.
! ROW_SPACING: c_int: optional: Spacing between rows.
! COL_SPACING: c_int: optional: Spacing between columns.
! Note
! This is implemented as a GtkTable for Gtk+2.x and as a GtkGrid for 3.x
! For 2.x, the ROW and COL_HOMOGENEOUS settings are treated as HOMOGENOUS
! except that if both are given and their values differ then homogenous is
! not set.
! For 3.x the ROW and COL settings take precedence over the common setting.
! The NROWS and NCOLS arguments are ignored for Gtk+ 3.x
!!$GTK< 3.0! integer(kind=c_int) :: grid, nr,nc
!!$GTK< 3.0!
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(homogeneous)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! grid = homogeneous
!!$GTK< 3.0! else if (present(row_homogeneous) .and. present(col_homogeneous)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (row_homogeneous == col_homogeneous) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! grid = row_homogeneous
!!$GTK< 3.0! else
!!$GTK< 3.0! grid = FALSE
!!$GTK< 3.0! end if
!!$GTK< 3.0! else if (present(row_homogeneous)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! grid = row_homogeneous
!!$GTK< 3.0! else if (present(col_homogeneous)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! grid = col_homogeneous
!!$GTK< 3.0! else
!!$GTK< 3.0! grid = FALSE
!!$GTK< 3.0! end if
!!$GTK< 3.0!
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(nrows)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! nr = nrows
!!$GTK< 3.0! else
!!$GTK< 3.0! nr = 1
!!$GTK< 3.0! end if
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(ncols)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! nc = ncols
!!$GTK< 3.0! else
!!$GTK< 3.0! nc = 1
!!$GTK< 3.0! end if
!!$GTK< 3.0!
!!$GTK< 3.0! table = gtk_table_new(nr, nc, grid)
!!$GTK< 3.0!
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(row_spacing)) &
!!$GTK< 3.0! & call gtk_table_set_row_spacings(table, row_spacing)
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(col_spacing)) &
!!$GTK< 3.0! & call gtk_table_set_col_spacings(table, col_spacing)
!!$GTK>=3.0! integer(kind=c_int) :: gridr, gridc
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (present(homogeneous)) then
!!$GTK>=3.0! gridr = homogeneous
!!$GTK>=3.0! gridc = homogeneous
!!$GTK>=3.0! else
!!$GTK>=3.0! gridr = FALSE
!!$GTK>=3.0! gridc = FALSE
!!$GTK>=3.0! end if
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (present(row_homogeneous)) gridr = row_homogeneous
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (present(col_homogeneous)) gridc = col_homogeneous
!!$GTK>=3.0! table = gtk_grid_new()
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_grid_set_row_homogeneous(table, gridr)
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_grid_set_column_homogeneous(table, gridc)
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (present(row_spacing)) &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & call gtk_grid_set_row_spacing(table, row_spacing)
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (present(col_spacing)) &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & call gtk_grid_set_column_spacing(table, col_spacing)
end function hl_gtk_table_new
subroutine hl_gtk_table_attach(table, widget, ix, iy, xspan, yspan, &
& xpad, ypad, xopts, yopts)
type(c_ptr), intent(in) :: table, widget
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in) :: ix, iy
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: xspan, yspan
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: xpad, ypad
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: xopts, yopts
! Attach a widget to a table
! TABLE: c_ptr: required: The table to which to attach
! WIDGET: c_ptr: required: The widget to attach to the table
! IX: c_int: required: The cell number of the left edge of the widget
! IY: c_int: required: The cell number of the top edge of the widget.
! XSPAN: c_int: optional: How many cells to span in the X direction (1)
! YSPAN: c_int: optional: How many cells to span in the Y direction (1)
! XPAD: c_int: optional: Padding around the cell in the X direction
! YPAD: c_int: optional: Padding in the Y direction
! XOPTS: c_int: optional: X fill/expand options (from the
! GtkAttachOptions enumerator, or 0 for none)
! YOPTS: c_int: optional: Y fill/expand options.
! N.B. GTK_SHRINK in the options is ignored in Gtk+ 3.x
!!$GTK< 3.0! integer(kind=c_int) :: ixtop, iytop
!!$GTK< 3.0! integer(kind=c_int) :: ixpad, iypad
!!$GTK< 3.0! integer(kind=c_int) :: ixopt, iyopt
!!$GTK>=3.0! integer(kind=c_int) :: ixsz, iysz
integer(kind=c_int) :: ixexp, iyexp, ixfill, iyfill
if (present(xspan)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! ixtop = ix + xspan
!!$GTK>=3.0! ixsz = xspan
!!$GTK< 3.0! ixtop = ix+1
!!$GTK>=3.0! ixsz = 1
end if
if (present(yspan)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! iytop = iy + yspan
!!$GTK>=3.0! iysz = yspan
!!$GTK< 3.0! iytop = iy+1
!!$GTK>=3.0! iysz = 1
end if
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(xpad)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! ixpad = xpad
!!$GTK< 3.0! else
!!$GTK< 3.0! ixpad = 0
!!$GTK< 3.0! end if
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(ypad)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! iypad = ypad
!!$GTK< 3.0! else
!!$GTK< 3.0! iypad = 0
!!$GTK< 3.0! end if
if (present(xopts)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! ixopt = xopts
!!$GTK>=3.0! ixexp = f_c_logical(iand(xopts, GTK_EXPAND) == GTK_EXPAND)
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (iand(xopts, GTK_FILL) == GTK_FILL) then
!!$GTK>=3.0! ixfill = GTK_ALIGN_FILL
!!$GTK>=3.0! else
!!$GTK>=3.0! ixfill = GTK_ALIGN_CENTER
!!$GTK>=3.0! end if
!!$GTK< 3.0! ixopt = ior(GTK_EXPAND, GTK_FILL)
!!$GTK>=3.0! ixexp = TRUE
!!$GTK>=3.0! ixfill = GTK_ALIGN_FILL
end if
if (present(yopts)) then
!!$GTK< 3.0! iyopt = yopts
!!$GTK>=3.0! iyexp = f_c_logical(iand(yopts, GTK_EXPAND) == GTK_EXPAND)
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (iand(yopts, GTK_FILL) == GTK_FILL) then
!!$GTK>=3.0! iyfill = GTK_ALIGN_FILL
!!$GTK>=3.0! else
!!$GTK>=3.0! iyfill = GTK_ALIGN_CENTER
!!$GTK>=3.0! end if
!!$GTK< 3.0! iyopt = ior(GTK_EXPAND, GTK_FILL)
!!$GTK>=3.0! iyexp = TRUE
!!$GTK>=3.0! iyfill = GTK_ALIGN_FILL
end if
!!$GTK< 3.0! call gtk_table_attach(table, widget, ix, ixtop, iy, iytop, &
!!$GTK< 3.0! & ixopt, iyopt, ixpad, iypad)
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_grid_attach(table, widget, ix, iy, ixsz, iysz)
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (present(xpad)) then
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_widget_set_margin_left(widget, xpad)
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_widget_set_margin_right(widget, xpad)
!!$GTK>=3.0! end if
!!$GTK>=3.0! if (present(ypad)) then
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_widget_set_margin_top(widget, ypad)
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_widget_set_margin_bottom(widget, ypad)
!!$GTK>=3.0! end if
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_widget_set_hexpand (widget, ixexp)
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_widget_set_vexpand (widget, iyexp)
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_widget_set_halign (widget, ixfill)
!!$GTK>=3.0! call gtk_widget_set_valign (widget, iyfill)
end subroutine hl_gtk_table_attach
subroutine hl_gtk_table_expand(table, ny, nx)
type(c_ptr), intent(in) :: table
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: ny, nx
! Add rows and/or columns to a table
! TABLE: c_ptr: required: The table to enlarge
! NY: c_int: optional: How many rows to add
! NX: c_int: optional: How many columns to add
! To set an absolute size, use gtk_table_resize
! directly. Negative NX and/or NY will reduce the table.
! For Gtk+3.x this is a do-nothing routine.
!!$GTK< 3.0! integer(kind=c_int), target :: sx, sy
!!$GTK< 3.0!
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (.not. (present(nx) .or. present(ny))) return ! No resize
!!$GTK< 3.0!
!!$GTK< 3.0! call gtk_table_get_size(table, c_loc(sy), c_loc(sx))
!!$GTK< 3.0!
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(nx)) sx = sx+nx
!!$GTK< 3.0! if (present(ny)) sy = sy+ny
!!$GTK< 3.0!
!!$GTK< 3.0! call gtk_table_resize(table, sy, sx)
end subroutine hl_gtk_table_expand
function hl_gtk_notebook_new(show_tabs, tab_position, popup, &
& scrollable, group, switch_page, data) result(nbook)
type(c_ptr) :: nbook
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: show_tabs
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: tab_position
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: popup, scrollable
character(kind=c_char), intent(in), optional, dimension(*), target :: group
type(c_funptr), optional :: switch_page
type(c_ptr), intent(in), optional :: data
! Convenience function to create a notebook (tabbed) container
! SHOW_TABS: boolean: optional: Whether the tabs are visible
! TAB_POSITION: c_int: optional: Where the tabs are placed (from the
! GtkPositionType enumerator).
! POPUP: boolean: optional: Whether to have a popup tab selector.
! SCROLLABLE: boolean: optional: Whether the tabs are scrollable if
! there are too many to fit.
! GROUP: string: optional: A group name for the notebook (needed if you
! want to drag tabs from one book to another). N.B. For GTK+2,
! this probably has to be a variable to work.
! SWITCH_PAGE: c_funptr: optional: A callback to be called when the page
! selection is changed (signal switch-page). Note that this
! callback has 4 arguments: the notebook, the selected page, the
! index of that page and the user data.
! DATA: c_ptr: optional: Data to pass the the switch-page callback.
nbook = gtk_notebook_new()
if (present(show_tabs)) &
& call gtk_notebook_set_show_tabs(nbook, show_tabs)
if (present(tab_position)) &
& call gtk_notebook_set_tab_pos(nbook, tab_position)
if (present(popup)) then
if (popup == FALSE) then
call gtk_notebook_popup_disable(nbook)
call gtk_notebook_popup_enable(nbook)
end if
end if
if (present(scrollable)) &
& call gtk_notebook_set_scrollable(nbook, scrollable)
if (present(group)) &
!!$GTK>=3.0! & call gtk_notebook_set_group_name(nbook, group)
!!$GTK< 3.0! & call gtk_notebook_set_group(nbook, c_loc(group))
if (present(switch_page)) then
if (present(data)) then
call g_signal_connect(nbook, "switch-page"//c_null_char, &
& switch_page, data)
call g_signal_connect(nbook, "switch-page"//c_null_char, &
& switch_page)
end if
end if
end function hl_gtk_notebook_new
function hl_gtk_notebook_add_page(nbook, page, position, at_start, &
& reorderable, detachable, label) result(location)
integer(kind=c_int) :: location
type(c_ptr), intent(in) :: nbook, page
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: position
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: at_start, reorderable, &
& detachable
character(kind=c_char), dimension(*), intent(in), optional :: label
! Convenience function to add a page to a notebook.
! NBOOK: c_ptr: required: The book to which to add the page
! PAGE: c_ptr: required: The page to at to the book.
! POSITION: c_int: optional: The position at which to add the page.
! AT_START: boolean: optional: Set to TRUE to add at the start. (If neither
! AT_START nor POSITION is given the page is added at the end).
! REORDERABLE: boolean: optional: Whether the tab can be reordered by
! drag and drop
! DETACHABLE: boolean: optional: Whether the tab can be dragged to a
! different notebook (requires a group name for the notebooks).
! LABEL: string: optional: A label to show on the tab.
! Returns the location at which the tab was added or -1 for failure.
type(c_ptr) :: lwidget
integer(kind=c_int) :: istart
if (present(label)) then
lwidget = gtk_label_new(label)
lwidget = C_NULL_PTR
end if
if (present(position)) then
location = gtk_notebook_insert_page(nbook, page, lwidget, position)
if (present(at_start)) then
istart = at_start
istart = FALSE
end if
if (istart == FALSE) then
location = gtk_notebook_append_page(nbook, page, lwidget)
location = gtk_notebook_prepend_page(nbook, page, lwidget)
end if
end if
if (location < 0) return
if (present(reorderable)) &
& call gtk_notebook_set_tab_reorderable(nbook, page, reorderable)
if (present(detachable)) &
& call gtk_notebook_set_tab_detachable(nbook, page, detachable)
end function hl_gtk_notebook_add_page
function hl_gtk_scrolled_window_new(hpolicy, vpolicy, &
& hsize, vsize, hadjustment, vadjustment) result(win)
type(c_ptr) :: win
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: hpolicy, vpolicy
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: hsize, vsize
type(c_ptr), intent(in), optional :: hadjustment, vadjustment
! Create a scrolled window, with convenient settings.
! HPOLICY: c_int: optional: Whether to show the horizontal scrollbar
! VPOLICY: c_int: optional: Whether to show the vertical scrollbar
! HSIZE: c_int: optional: The size of the window in the horizontal
! direction.
! VSIZE: c_int: optional: The size of the window in the vertical
! direction.
! HADJUSTMENT: c_ptr: optional: An adjustment widget to use in place
! of the automatically generated scrollbar in the horizontal
! direction.
! VADJUSTMENT: c_ptr: optional: An adjustment widget to use in place
! of the automatically generated scrollbar in the vertical
! direction.
integer(kind=c_int) :: hpol, vpol, hsz, vsz
type(c_ptr) :: hadj, vadj
logical :: have_size, have_policy
! Set up the scroll bar policies.
have_policy = .false.
if (present(hpolicy)) then
hpol = hpolicy
have_policy = .true.
end if
if (present(vpolicy)) then
vpol = vpolicy
have_policy = .true.
end if
! Set up the sizes
have_size = .false.
if (present(hsize)) then
hsz = hsize
have_size = .true.
hsz = -1
end if
if (present(vsize)) then
vsz = vsize
have_size = .true.
vsz = -1
end if
! Set up the adjustments
if (present(hadjustment)) then
hadj = hadjustment
hadj = c_null_ptr
end if
if (present(vadjustment)) then
vadj = vadjustment
vadj = c_null_ptr
end if
win = gtk_scrolled_window_new(hadj, vadj)
if (have_policy) call gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy(win, hpol, vpol)
if (have_size) call gtk_widget_set_size_request(win, hsz, vsz)
end function hl_gtk_scrolled_window_new
subroutine hl_gtk_scrolled_window_add(win, child, viewport)
type(c_ptr), intent(in) :: win, child
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), optional :: viewport
! Add a widget to a scrolled window.
! WIN: c_ptr: required: The scrolled window.
! CHILD: c_ptr: required: The widget to insert.
! VIEWPORT: c_int: optional: Set this to true if the child widget
! requires a viewport between it and the scrolled window.
! Unfortunately I can't see a way to determine automatically
! whether this is needed.
logical :: vp
if (present(viewport)) then
vp = c_f_logical(viewport)
vp = .false.
end if
if (vp) then
call gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport(win, child)
call gtk_container_add(win, child)
end if
end subroutine hl_gtk_scrolled_window_add
end module gtk_hl_container
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