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#! /bin/sh
# Compilation of gtk-fortran and its examples, using GTK+ 2
# GNU GPL v3
# Contributed by Vincent MAGNIN
# April 8th 2011, last updated May 19th 2012
# Allow override of default compiler. For example:
# GFC='gfortran-4.7' ./
# (Contributed by A. GRAZIOSI)
: ${GFC="gfortran"}
echo ">>> Removing old files..."
rm *.o
rm *.mod
rm *.out
rm ../examples/*.mod
rm ../examples/*.out
gtkversion="`pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0`"
gtk_hl_obj="gtk-hl-misc.o gtk-hl-accelerator.o gtk-hl-button.o gtk-hl-combobox.o gtk-hl-container.o gtk-hl-entry.o gtk-hl-menu.o gtk-hl-progress.o gtk-hl-spin-slider.o gtk-hl-tree.o gtk-hl-chooser.o gtk-hl-dialog.o"
echo ">>> Compiling gtk libraries..."
# gtk3 only: "unix-print-auto.f90"
for file in "gdk-auto.f90" "glib-auto.f90" "gtk.f90" "atk-auto.f90" "cairo-auto.f90" "gdk-pixbuf-auto.f90" "pango-auto.f90" "gtk-sup.f90" "gtk-hl-misc.f90" "gtk-hl-accelerator.f90" "gtk-hl-button.f90" "gtk-hl-combobox.f90" "gtk-hl-container.f90" "gtk-hl-entry.f90" "gtk-hl-menu.f90" "gtk-hl-progress.f90" "gtk-hl-spin-slider.f90" "gtk-hl-tree.f90" "gtk-hl-chooser.f90" "gtk-hl-dialog.f90" "gtk-hl.f90" "gdkevents-auto2.f90" "gtk-draw-hl.f90" ; do
"${GFC}" -c $file $gtkversion
echo ">>> Compiling examples..."
for i in ../examples/*.f90 ; do
echo $i
"${GFC}" gtk.o gtk-sup.o gtk-hl.o ${gtk_hl_obj} gtk-draw-hl.o $i $gtkversion -o $i.out
"${GFC}" gtk.o ../examples/gtkbuilder2.f90 -o ../examples/gtkbuilder2.f90.out $gtkversion `pkg-config --cflags --libs gmodule-2.0`
echo ">>> Running the examples..."
cd ../examples/
for i in *.out ; do
echo $i
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