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Fortran 95 GTK+ Interface Modules

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Compile programs using as an example:

gfortran -I../src/ ../src/gtk.o gtkhello2.f90 -o gtkhello2 `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0`

gtk.f90 and all *-auto.f90 files can be in the same directory as your main program. Regardless it has to be in the compile line to link.
Some examples also require gtk-sup.f90 or gtk-hl.f90.

There are variations to this approach and I will add examples as I get time.

If using gfortran, requires version 4.6, a recent checkout from trunk.Also may require installing the related gtk+-2.0 devel packages from your distribution.

All the *-auto.f90 files were generated with GTK+ 2.24 by the script (python

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