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Some Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) built with GTK+ & Fortran

You will find more screenshots in the screenshots directory of the projet.

GtkButton example (Windows 7, GTK+ 2.16) - gtkhello2.f90:

Cairo vectorial drawing example (Ubuntu 10.10, GTK+ 2.22) - cairo-basics.f90:

Notebooks example (Ubuntu 10.10, GTK+ 2.22) - notebooks.f90:

A great bazaar to test widgets (Ubuntu 10.10, GTK+ 2.22) - bazaar.f90:

Mandelbrot example (MacOSX 10.6.7 on x86_64) using GdkImage (mandelbrot.f90) or GdkPixBuf (mandelbrot_pixbuf.f90):

Dialog (MacOSX 10.6.7 on x86_64) (hl_dialog.f90):

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