Two Pines Coffee Product Showcase
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Two Pines Coffee Product Showcase

From idea to deliverable I owned all aspects of the design process. The task was to create a product showcase and I created a coffee company and all branding from logo to packaging design. Check out my full case study to see how my process works.


Coffee shops are everywhere but long lines, lack of space and a noisy atmosphere are a deterrent to enjoying a high quality product.
  • Long lines and wait times make going to a coffee shop, not the greatest experience
  • Wifi hotspots make it hard to find seating. People set up shop and take over the space
  • High prices in store make it an expensive treat to enjoy the best roasts
  • Too loud and noisy with converstations, cell phone usage and music


Two Pine's solution was to build a subscription-based coffee service that focuses on providing high-quality coffee from sources that share the same values as its own brand culture. Selecting independent farmers from all over the world and building relationships with them to ensure we are able to give only the best product to the customers on demand at their doorsteps.