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Queued Party Playlist Application

Queued is a party playlist application that allows users to connect to a host party and add tracks to a queue. There are two modes which allow the app to function like a classic jukebox or give the user's the ability to like and dislike tracks to move them around the queue. I owned all aspects of the product design and developed a product landing page.


Music applications cannot give your guests control and let everyone experience the fun.
  • Applications are too complicated to meet the needs of broad age groups that aren't used to technology.
  • Most applications are missing the option to queue music to a playlist.
  • Technology is forcing people to be less engaged with each other in the music market.
  • You have to create an account or have a subscription for most applications.


Queued is a music application that allows the host to create a party playlist and give the guests the party passcode. The host will choose either engaged mode which enables users to add songs and then like or dislikes them. If a song is disliked more than it is liked before the current playing song ends then that song will be moved to the end of the queue. The second mode is classic mode, and it functions just like a vintage jukebox. If a song is added to the queue then it will be played in the order it was added. The host can determine how many songs a guest can add per hour and is the only one that can delete songs from the queue.

Screenshot of landing page