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Social Media Twitter Bot
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Social Media Twitter Bot, see me running at

Getting Started

Fill in the info from your Twitter Development App from in TwitterConfig.json

"Twitter-Keys-And-Tokens": {
	"CONSUMER_KEY"    : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
	"CONSUMER_SECRET" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
	"ACCESS_TOKEN"    : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
	"ACCESS_SECRET"   : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Run The Twitter Bot

There are a few variable definitions to decide in, edit it, then execute it with python3

import TwitterBot

MIN_FOLLOWERS = 16000  # Sanity check on number of followers
MIN_FOLLOWING = 16000  # Sanity check on number following
STAT_DIR='/var/www/' # Directory to write statistics
LOG_DIR ='log'                                     # Directory to write logs

print('TwitterBot - Running...')
twitterBot = TwitterBot.TwitterBot(logDir=LOG_DIR,statDir=STAT_DIR),minFollowing=MIN_FOLLOWING)
print('TwitterBot - Complete...')

Twitter IDs to Always Follow

To make sure you never unfollow someone, add them to TwitterConfig.json as IDs. search Google to convert a Twitter Screen name to a Twitter ID

"Twitter-Follow-List": [
		"Description": "The Squad - AOC",
		"Id": 138203134
		"Description": "The Squad - Rashida Tlaib",
		"Id": 435331179
		"Description": "The Squad - Ilhan Omar",
		"Id": 783792992
		"Description": "The Squad - Ayanna Pressley",
		"Id": 31013444
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