Basic Table jQuery plugin for simple responsive tables.
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Basic Table

A simple lightweight jQuery responsive table library. A library to setup tables for a basic responsive table stucture. Utilizing the techniques of This is to assists in those situations where the users don't necessarily have access or capacity to modify HTML such as input from a WYSIWYG.

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integer default: null

Define the breakpoint (viewport's width) when the table will engage in responsive mode. If the containerBreakpoint is null (which is the default) the value will be 568px.


integer default: null

Define the breakpoint of the table's container when the table will engage in responsive mode.


boolean default: true

Wraps the original content within the cell in a span with class .bt-content, to help with CSS selection.


boolean default: true

The library will always force the table into responsive mode once the breakpoint is met. If this is set to false the table will only change mode when the table itself is larger than its immediate parent's inner width.


boolean default: false

Disable Basic Table's JS resize. The table won't engage in responsive mode unless media query or another resize bind outside of Basic Table is defined.


boolean default: false

When the library is initialize create a div wrapper around the table with class .bt-wrapper. This wrapper will toggle an active class when the table mode changes.


boolean default: false

When true, empty cells will be shown.


boolean default: true

Set to false if table does not have a header row. Table will just be responsive with table body and optional footer.



Engage the table in responsive mode. This method can only run after the table has been initialized.



Toggle the table back to normal mode, removing the responsive look. This does not destory the Basic Table data and wrappers. The table will still work once the breakpoint is met.



Destroy the the responsive bind on the table. This will remove all data and generated wrappers from the table, returning it to its initial state.