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Providing words to those who are visually impaired.
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Version: 1.0
Created on January 6, 2018


Words are a powerful way to communicate with others. However, some people do not have the ability to read the words on a document or book. With the advance of technology, people have found ways to solve problems that challenge humans on a daily basis. We wanted to give a solution to those who are visually impaired. We now provide a way to interact with a computer that reads the words from a detected image.


This repository contains all the files that are part of our project for DragonHacks 2018. The purpose of this program is to output the words it detects from the webcam. This will provide a way for those with visual disabilities to be able to know what words are on a document, page and book. Our purpose is to help those with visual disabilities to be able to experience words in a whole new way.

How to use

  1. A webcam is required since the application uses it to detect text.
  2. Run the application through the commandline and interpret the file.
  3. Position the document with text within 5 inches from the webcam.
  4. Maintain a steady hold while the application detects any text.
  5. A voice will be heard and will say the text if detected properly.
  6. Repeat if necessary.


  • opencv-python
  • pytesseract (tesseract must be installed)
  • pyttsx
  • Pillow
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