Hands-on-lab on using server-sent events and web socket with Jersey and Tyrus.
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HOL: Developing JAX-RS Web Applications Utilizing Server-Sent Events and Web Sockets

This repository contains sources for the hands-on-lab on using GlassFish application server and projects Jersey and Tyrus to develop web applications supporting Web Socket and Server-Sent Events protocols.


You can download the version of this lab presented at JavaOne 2012, simply get the zipped source of JavaOne2012 tag here.

Getting Started

  1. Set up the lab environment based on the Appendix chapter in the lab guide document.
  2. Follow the lab guide document.

Directory Structure

  • drawingboard/ - contains the initial project you should start with in exercise 1
  • solutions/ - contains solutions to the exercises
  • lab-guide.docx - MS Word version of the lab guide document
  • lab-guide.pdf - PDF version of the lab guide document
  • lab-slides.pptx - MS PowerPoint version of the lab slides
  • lab-slides.pdf - PDF version of the lab slides