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What is new

  • YAML configuration
  • Docker image for jerverless
  • New Middleware architecture
  • Executables are now avaliable, no need to setup classpaths again, just run directly from bin/jerverless or bin\jerverless.bat

Breaking Changes

  • All files now uses jerveress.yml with YAML syntax

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed bugs on docker files
  • Fixed minor bugs
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What's new

  • New example functions
  • Documentation updates
  • Gradle as the build system
  • Custom Input/Output mappers for the jerverless API
  • Supports multiple endpoints/commands in a single jerverless instance


/foo = python
/bar = python --foo

Every config key which starts with / becomes an endpoint. So http://localhost/foo calls python and http://localhost/bar calls python with an additional parameter --foo

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What's new

  • CORS configuration option
  • Content-Type configuration support
  • New example functions
  • Documentation updates

@shalithasuranga shalithasuranga released this Nov 16, 2018

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