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Creates a fifo that can be written to, producing text in an IRC channel.
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0. Contents

1. Compiling
2. Usage
3. Contact

1. Compiling

Running `make' from the directory containing fifoirc.c should be enough to
compile the program. This can be followed by `make install' if you want to
install it.

2. Usage

A list of options accepted by fifoirc can be obtained by running `fifoirc' with
no arguments. Generally, usage will be like so:
  $ fifoirc -s -n nickname -c "#maximilian" -f ~/irc-pipe
Fifoirc will make the pipe at `~/irc-pipe', connect to `', set
the nickname to `nickname', and join `#maximilian'. The quotes around
`#maximilian' are to prevent the shell from treating everything after the hash
(#) as a comment. From this point, any text written to ~/irc-pipe will be sent
by fifoirc to the IRC channel.

If you want fifoirc to authenticate with NickServ, use the -P option.

3. Contact

If you find a bug or just want to contact me for any reason, send an email to
  James Stanley <>
or find me on IRC as the user `jamesstanley' on `'. I am
usually in the channel `#maximilian', so you'll probably find me in there.
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