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Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning by Discovering Intrinsic Options (HIDIO)

This is the repository for our work, Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning by Discovering Intrinsic Options (HIDIO), appearing in ICLR 2021. HIDIO is a hierarchical RL algorithm which discovers short-horizon options in a self-supervised manner while jointly learning to utilize them to solve sparse-reward manipulation and navigation tasks. See our paper for more details.

Our code imports the Agent Learning Framework (ALF) developed by Horizon Robotics, which includes parallelized PyTorch implementations of a wide variety of common reinforcement learning algorithms.

Example HIDIO Behavior

Pusher Reacher GoalTask KickBall


This repo was developed with Python 3.7. You can run the following commands to install the hidio repo and its ALF dependency.

git clone --recursive
cd hidio
pip install -e . -e alf

In order to run on the SocialRobot environments (GoalTask/KickBall), you must have SocialRobot installed. If you want to test out these environments, follow the steps listed in this specific branch of our SocialRobot repo. Clone it as such, and make sure to be on the distractor_kickball branch:

git clone

In order to run the Pusher/Reacher environments, you must have MuJoco 200 installed with an appropriate MuJuco license linked. See here to download and setup MuJoco 200: mujoco. On Ubuntu, we had to install some extra packages first: sudo apt install -y libosmesa6-dev libgl1-mesa-glx libglfw3 patchelf. Then, run

pip install mujoco-py==

Running Experiments

All experiments are run with 10 or 20 parallel actors. A sufficiently powerful computer may be required to run these examples.


Experiments for Pusher/Reacher can be run as follows:

cd hidio/examples
python -m alf.bin.train --gin_file hierarchical_[pusher/reacher].gin --root_dir=LOG_DIR

where LOG_DIR is the directory you want to store the training results. If LOG_DIR is an existing directory, training will be automatically resumed from the latest previous checkpoint stored there if it exists.

Experiments for GoalTask/KickBall can be run with the following command:

cd hidio/examples
python -m alf.bin.train --gin_file hierarchical_[goaltask/kickball].gin --root_dir=LOG_DIR

By default, all environment gin files will use the StateAction instantiation of HIDIO. To change these, modify the Discriminator.skill_type flag to be the HIDIO instantiation you'd like to test out (options: state_action/state_difference/action/state/state_concatenation/action_concatenation).

SAC/SAC with Action Repetition

You can also run experiments for SAC/SAC with action repetition by replacing hierarchical in the commands above with sac or sac_actrepeat.

Logging and visualizing:

During training, you can use tensorboard to show the progress of training:

tensorboard --logdir=LOG_DIR

After training, you can visualize the trained model using the following command:

python -m --root_dir=LOG_DIR

Directory Structure

hidio/algorithm contains code for the HIDIO algorithm and a hierarchical agent class.

hidio/environments contains wrappers for the evaluated Gym environments.

hidio/examples contains .gin files used by ALF to train the various implemented algorithms. These .gin files specify the environment, algorithm, environment wrappers, and algorithm hyperparameters.

Adding a New Environment/Testing on Other Environments

To add a standard gym environment, you can just take one of the existing .gin files in hidio/examples as an example and replace the environment name with the new gym environment name.

To add a non-standard environment, you will need to write an environment wrapper for it in hidio/environments. Many wrappers from ALF can be used (alf/environments), however if none of them fit your environment, you can put required files as a subdirectory in hidio/environments and write a wrapper .py file like in hidio/environments, which we used for the Pusher/Reacher environments. Then, write a .gin file that includes this wrapper as an import, see playground_navigation.gin or hierarchical_pusher.gin as an example.

Cite our work

    title={Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning by Discovering Intrinsic Options},
    author={Jesse Zhang and Haonan Yu and Wei Xu},
    booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations},


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