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Autoprefixer Stylus

An autoprefixer plugin for stylus.

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You can install through npm as such: npm install autoprefixer-stylus


You can include autoprefixer-stylus as a normal stylus plugin. Basic example below:

var stylus = require('stylus');
var autoprefixer = require('autoprefixer-stylus');

  .render(function(err, output){

This plugin also takes any of the options that autoprefixer normally takes, which at the time of writing is browsers and cascade. Example with browsers below:

  .use(autoprefixer({ browsers: ['ie 7', 'ie 8'] }));

By default, this plugin will display any warnings. You can disable this with the hideWarnings option. Example below:

  .use(autoprefixer({hideWarnings: true});

If you'd like to install globally and run from the command line, you can do it like this:

npm install -g autoprefixer-stylus
stylus -u autoprefixer-stylus -c example.styl