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Axis Rails

This gem adds support for stylus with the axis css library to your rails app, and adds support for the more concise and jade-like slim, emulating the jade/stylus/axis stack in roots as closely as possible.

Why Should You Care?

Stylus is a super-powerful css preprocessor, and axis is a lightweight and extensive library on top of it, that has you covered everywhere from gradients to vendor prefixes to UI patterns, all cross-browser down through old IE.

If you use and enjoy roots, this gem will create as familiar an environment for writing front-end code as is possible within rails.


  • Add gem 'axis-rails' to your gemfile.
  • run bundle
  • run rails g axis:install
  • profit

Currently, this gem also depends on node.js, but this will be phased out in the future. Just makes life easier for the first release. Luckily, node.js is stupid easy to install, and is not required on any production servers, just for keeping axis library up to date locally.


You can just throw .styl files into your assets/stylesheets folder and @import them into application.css.styl to load them into your application. If you are referencing images, use the asset-url or asset-path mixins just like you would with sass to make it cooperate with the asset pipeline. Everything else is more or less as you'd expect!


Licensed under MIT - enjoy!