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NYAN is a news filtering engine written in Python and some Ruby.
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NYAN is a news filtering engine written in Python and some Ruby.

It was mainly written for my master's thesis. You can find the details here.

The filter is made up of several programs which pass messages to each other over STOMP. I used CoilMQ as a broker.

The feed_crawler crawls news sites for news articles. The feature_extractor converts news articles to a gensim feature model. The article_ranker ranks incoming news articles according to a learned user model. The user_model_trainer captures the user's interests in a user model which is used by the article_ranker.

The programs can be easily used on their own.

The frontend is good for fast prototyping.

You should note that most code was written for academic purposes and was never used for commercially. Saving complete news articles might not be legal.

How to setup and usage

Basically, the crawler, feature extractor, ranker have to be started. They use a config file to connect to the STOMP broker. You should read the corresponding chapter in my thesis paper to get the whole setup.

The front end can be run on Apache with FastCGU. You can find a German how to here.

I used daemontools to make each program a daemon. Some can be run a a daemon without daemontools. However, I don't recommend that.

For model training see shared_models/learn_on_articles.

Dependencies and Requirements

The system uses a MongoDB database.

All programs depend on several libraries. The following list might not be complete.


  • nokogiri
  • feedzirra
  • log4r
  • psych
  • dbi
  • stomp

article_ranker, feature_extractor

  • yaml
  • gensim
  • numpy, scipy
  • Scitkit-learn


  • flask
  • flask-login plugin
  • mongoengine


Most code is licensed under MIT License.

Some code is taken from other libraries with different licenses. Such cases are marked.

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