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JesCov - Downloads


JesCov: jescov-0.0.1.jar

This contains the core JesCov functionality, and you will need it for any JesCov related activities.

JesCov Ant: jescov-ant-0.0.1.jar

If you want to use the Ant tasks to generate reports based on the JSON output, you need this jar-file.

JesCov Jasmine JUnit: jescov-jasmine-junit-0.0.1.jar

In order to run JesCov together with Jasmine and JUnit, you need this file. It contains the actual JasmineTestRunner and a class that creates configuration based on system properties.

Jasmine JUnit runner: jasminejunitrunner-1.0-SNAPSHOT-201111090921.jar

You also need the original Jasmine JUnit runner of a fairly recent version. This build is based on the github repository of it at the timestamp in the file name. If you provide this in some other way, make sure it contains the commits from November 9, 2011.

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